Danish Freight and Railway Stamp Club

Introduction to the Danish Freight and Railway Stamp Club

The Danish Freight and Railway Stamp Clubis an association of Danish as well as foreign collectors of freight stamps of all kinds
and assorted documents relat­ing to these. The club was founded in 1997, has members from all over the country
and even members in Sweden, Norway, Germany, USA and Australia.
Right now the club has about 85 members and is the only one of its kind in Denmark.

The purposes of the club are among other things to create contact between collectors at swap meetings, to publish a club magazine,
to update catalogues, to register stamps and circulate stamps for sale nationwide. Furthermore, the purpose of the club is to
propagate knowledge of these stamps and to become generally re­cognized by collectors of railway stamps and other philatelists.

If you collect railway parcel, steamship parcel or coach parcel stamps, railway- and railway post cancels, local mail, Faeroe or Greenland parcel stamps,
consignment notes, delivery notes, tickets, timetables, railway regulations, share warrants, postcards, or stamps with stations, railways, coaches, ferries and ships depicted, or if you collect other documents concerning freight conveyance,
then this is the club for you.
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The club may be contacted through:

  • The Treasurer:
  • Hans Andersen
  • Engbovej 115
  • DK-2620 Rødovre
  • Phone. +45 36 41 02 71